In science, work is defined as force multiply the distance moved. Work is measured based on both change and effort applied. These two are dependent; without one we cannot measure work. Change is when we have something different other than the original. Change cannot occur on its own, something has to cause it; force. Force is the amount of effort applied. In short, Work is about putting in effort that produces change. Without change no work was done no matter the quantity of effort applied.

Changes doesn’t just occur out of the thin air. There is usually a force behind it. When we are working we have to apply effort. The amount of effort applied can be used to gauge our commitment. Our determination, attention and attitude will determine the kind of effort we are going to apply. The reward of our work comes from the resulting change. We do not harvest the seed we planted but the fruits it produces. The seed has to change to become the fruit.

Changes takes time. Change cannot happen in an instance. We have to be patience to see the change. Patience pays. The best work is the one that is left to run down its course. One way of being patience is by giving the job our full attention. We are assured of getting the right results when we know we did the job correctly. It is like baking a cake. If we keep on removing the cake from the oven, we will spoil it. We have to let it bake without disturbance. We are assured it will bake because we prepared it well.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just apply. To get the desired results we have to apply the right amount of effort. Too much effort and we might end up doing more harm. Too less effort and we might not see any changes. We have to make a decision about how much effort to apply. In computer science there is the term GIGO- garbage in, garbage out. What we put in is what will come out. We cannot make poor decisions and expect better results. Good decisions are usually made when we focus on the job rather than worrying about the end results. We cannot just walk by looking straight ahead. We have to know where we are stepping. Otherwise we will end up tripping.

One fact about working is that we will get tired as time goes by. One element of being successful is getting enough rest. Rest reenergizes both the body and spirit. It is difficult to maintain focus when we are tired. Our bodies are designed to seek rest when we are tired. Therefore we will be fighting against our body when we are trying to stay focus when tired. We are refiling our energy tank when we are resting. That’s why we usually give our best work after resting. Sportsmen and women usually get more rest the day before they take to the field.

Work is the combination of effort and the resulting change. To see a change means that work was done. It is not enough to just apply effort, it has to be of the right amount. We also have to be patient to see the change. Resting is vital in ensuring that we apply the right kind of effort. Remember Rome was not built in one day.


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