Many people give up because they lost patience. They were so focused on the end results that when it didn’t go their way they gave up. While it is wise to look at the end goal, it is important to focus on progress. Progress will paint a clear picture of what we are doing. Having our eyes on progress has several benefits.

Checking up on our progress gives us a clear picture of what we have done so far. This picture will provide insights to whether we are doing it right or we went off course.  If we are off course we will be able to make the necessary adjustments to get back on the right track. Looking back at what is already done, we will be able to see and know how much we have achieved and what’s left. We will also get to know where we need help. Progress is our ideas/vision in practice. Progress will show us if we had set a realistic goal which can be achieved within the set limits. We will also get a crystal clear picture of the expected outcome.

We are always full of energy and highly motivated at the beginning. As time goes by we get tired and weary. We start to develop cold feet when we are not getting the results that we were hoping for. This is the stage where most people throw in the towel. But if we look at what we have achieved until that point we are likely to find more reason to press on. It is difficult to give up when we have so much to lose. Sometimes the best motivation is when we realise that we are making progress. We are more determined than ever to push through.

Progress is a process. Any process usually take time. It also comprise of steps and procedures. This are like instructions of how to do a given task. If our attention is on what we are doing instead on what to expect, we will be able to learn. We will be able to know what to do, how to do it and what not to do. This help us know how to achieve our goals over and over again if we are required. We could also get the chance to improve on the final results through our creativity and critical thinking. When we know something well we are able to simplify it. We will also avoid costly mistakes and errors. This will also keep our mind occupied and we will not worry so much about the end results. This will prepare us for the eventual outcome of what we are doing.

Focusing on the end results makes us develop a biased attitude. In case of unexpected results, we will find it hard to believe them. To get the best results, we need to be open minded and not thinking about the end results. Being biased will badly influence our action and blind us from the truth. We will work to get to what we already know and not what we want to know. When the results starts to point to other direction, we abandon what we were doing. Things will not always go according to our plans, we have to make room for the unexpected. A good plan always cater for the expected and unexpected events.

Having our full attention on the end result is not wise. We have to be aware of how we get there. This means looking at our progress. This will guide and prepare us for the end results. It will also help us avoid costly mistakes. Don’t focus too much on the destination and forget to take the journey.

photo credit: Leon Dafonte <a href=”″>little-people-building-a-house</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;