Imagine you applied for a job. Instead of giving you the job the organization offers you a three months internship. What would you do? Did you hope or expect to get the job?

There is a thin line between hope and expectation. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It is a feeling of trust. Expectation on the other hand is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. A less advantageous result gives rise to the feeling of disappointment. Unexpected results not accounted for, are usually surprises.

Hope gives you freedom as it is able to accommodate unexpected results. Having hope is about being positive. This is because with hope, positive outcomes are usually expected. Hope is the flame that gives light in all directions. Hope is a powerful emotion. It keeps you prepared for the result. It is the feeling that keeps you going when it gets tough. It will lift you up when you fall down. Hope keeps the fire of positivity burning. People who have hope are not easily discouraged. They keep on going because hope is pulling them forward. They are usually friendly and willing to comfort those in need. Hope, we can say, is a friendly feeling. Hope makes you stay positive even when the outcome was not as expected. With hope you would see the internship as a stepping stone to getting the job. Most organization are more likely to employ from their internship programs. Hope is all about positive outcome. You didn’t get the job but they offered you an internship, positive outcome. Hope will provide you with the energy to move forward when the unexpected happens.

Expectation, as said earlier, is a strong feeling. This means that it will take control of your mind. Its dictatorial rule would not allow anything other than a favourable results. This leaves no room for unexpected results. Expectation may or may not be realistic. Unrealistic expectation often leads to huge disappointment. Sometimes when you expect something, time usually seems to move at a snail pace. This leads to one being impatient and frustrated. With expectation you would be disappointed with the offer for an internship program. Since the internship wasn’t among the expected results. You will feel belittled. This experience will prevent you from ever apply for a job at the same organization.

It is better to have hope instead of expectation, to avoid disappointments.


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