The egg and spoon race is a classic and fun game. Its participants have to balance and co-ordinate their egg to win. The requirements of the game are teaspoon and eggs-preferably hard boiled or golf balls. It is mostly played by kids. The game goes as follows, participants, each with an egg and teaspoon, take their position at the start line. When ready, they place the egg onto their spoon and then place their other arm behind their back. When the green light is given, the participants will race- as fast as they can without dropping the egg- to the finish line. If the egg drops, the participant have to starts again! Whoever crosses the finish line with their egg still on the spoon and arm behind their back, wins. The main aim of this race is to have fun while doing something challenging- assuming no one cheats. While having fun we can learn vital lesson from this game:

Risk taking

The game is challenging and risky. It is not easy to race while balancing an egg on a spoon. The egg is not glue to the spoon and is slippery. It could easily fall on the go. You only hope to cross the finish line with the egg still intact.


The game teaches us to be cautious. In this race you cannot run fast just as you would in a normal race. You have to be slow and steady to avoid dropping the egg. Your hand also has to be relaxed, otherwise if it is shaking the chance of you dropping the egg increases as you go. In life, we are cautious we will avoid making costly mistakes.

One egg one spoon

The spoon used in the race is big enough to carry only one egg at a time. There is no room for more. Life is simple, we only need to carry what we can handle. One step at a time. If we overburden ourselves, we will have to move at a snail pace or get struck.

Can I have all of your attention please?

The race requires your full concentration. Loss of concentration even for a second could be costly. One eye on the egg the other on the finish line. Successful people usually give their full attention to the activities they undertake. They don’t allow have no room for distraction. If you want to capture an elephant you don’t stop and hit out every monkey on the way.

 It’s all about proper preparation

Even though the game is about fun, one has to prepare for the race. One has to know which hand will carry the egg and which one will be behind. The stronger hand has to carry the egg-right hand for right handed and left hand for left handed. We need to know our strength and weakness to avoid making costly mistakes. Proper research should be undertaken to determine if the goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound).

It is an act of balance

You have to balance the egg on the spoon at the same time compete with others. Although game requires one to be slow and steady, you are competing with others. Here time is a crucial factor. When we engage in any activity time is always limited. We have to utilize this limited resource to the best way we can. Although you dream is unique there others, with similar dreams, working as hard as they can towards them. Competition is good for growth.

 The number of chances

Depending on the type of egg used; the number of chances varies. If they use raw egg, you chance is limited until the egg breaks when it falls. Boiled eggs, potatoes or golf ball comes with unlimited number of chances. In life sometimes you may only get one shot. In this scenario you have to be very cautious and wise in every step. Other activities comes with unlimited number of chances, where you learn from previous mistakes.

It about fun

The race though challenging is about having fun. You need to find something in life that you are excited and passionate about. This will make you enjoy doing it and will gives you satisfaction.

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